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About me

About me

Extensive Experience in Restoration and Repair of Antiques and Objects. Specialized Porcelain, Ceramics, Antique Dolls, Fans, Glass.

Eulàlia is the founder and main artist of Eulàlia Restauradora since 2005.

She studied and graduated in Archaeological Restoration at the School of Arts and Crafts of the Diputació de Barcelona, where she specialized in Restoration and Conservation of ceramics and porcelain, glass, wall paintings, metals and mosaics, among others.

Eulàlia has extensive experience in the field of restoration and conservation of works of art.

For instance: restoration in the Church of the Castle of Salmella (11th century) as well as the restoration of Oppus Signinum mosaics from the 3rd century BC in the Casa de l’Heura of the Museum of History of Badalona, the restoration of a Roman “Dahlia” dating from the 5th century AD or the restoration of a Roman mural work from the 3rd century AD in the Lladró house.

Eulàlia is passionate about the restoration of objects and dedicates all her attention and experience to ensure that works and objects of art enjoy a longer life.

Extensive Experience Restoration Antiques Objects

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