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Shop Buy-Sell Antique Doll

Shop Buy-Sell Antique Doll

Welcome to my Shop Buy-Sell Antique Doll

Are you looking for a unique treasure to add to your collection?

Welcome to the world of doll collecting. In my store you will find dolls of different materials such as: biscuit or porcelain dolls, stone cardboard dolls, celluloid dolls, cloth dolls, vinyl dolls or wax dolls.

You can find dolls dolls from different periods from the 20s to the 80s

We have dolls of different origins and brands. Like German dolls like Armand Marseille, Kämmer & Reinhardt, Heubach, Schutz Marke, Celba Germany, Schildkrot; French dolls like S.F.B.J, Convert France, Petit Collin France; Spanish origin such as, Mariquita Perez, Linda Carla, ICSA, Merceditas, Sirenita;  after brands like Lenci, Athena Piacenza.

All dolls are in impeccable condition.

I invite you to enter My Shop Buy-Sell Antique Doll and you will surely find Your Doll