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Madame Alexander suitcase

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Madame Alexander suitcase


Madame Alexander suitcase. Madame Alexander doll from the 60´s. Doll has a suitcase with 7 sets of dresses, all original.

The doll is in perfect condition, the eyes are mobile and it measures 26 cm.

The trunk box is 30 cm long, 20 cm high and 9 cm wide.



Madame Beatrice Alexander Dolls are perhaps the most beloved of all American dolls. Very few times have any specimens been found in Europe, and they were never imported into England. The first copies fetch very high prices.

Madame Alexander came from a Russian family: her father had been a doll maker in Odessa and she was the eldest daughter. In 1923 he founded his own company in New York, where he made rag Dickens characters. At first, his rag dolls had a flattened face reminiscent of exceptionally crafted masks and costumes. Later he made plastic and vinyl dolls.

The company is still creating and producing wonderful dolls.


Modern Dolls

World War II had a profound impact on doll manufacturing in Europe. Suddenly, most production ceased in areas where an industry had built up over centuries.

When peace did return, it bought with it revolucionary new plastics- developed to help the war effort and now available for all types of applications.

Light, strong, and easily molded into an infinite variety of forms, the new plastic materials demanded new equipment and new technologies for production.

Although the initial investiment cost were very high, manufacturers found that they could produce millions of dolls that were all identical , or create a line of dolls based on the same basic model , making only minor modifications to give each doll its characteristic features.

Plastic dolls of the late 1940s are vastly different from those of today . they were made of hard plastic and although they looked like the composition dolls they largely replaced they were lighter, tougher, and more durable.

The arrival of the polyethylene compounds followed, introduced in the mid 1950s. Commonly referred to as vinyl, it is a much more flexible material available in both hard and soft forms.

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