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Mariquita Perez Doll SOLD


Mariquita Perez Doll SOLD


Mariquita Perez Spanish Doll . Spanish doll made of papier-mâché. This doll arrived with some peeling on the fingers have been reconstructed leaving it impeccable. The glass eyes are original and pendulous. The wig is made of natural and original hair. It measures about 46 cm.


It is the most popular of the Spanish dolls. He was born in Madrid in 1940 at C / Nuñez de Balboa, 52. It is a creation by Leonor Coello from Portugal and Pilar Luca de Tena, registered in 1941, inspired by the Narration of Father Lluís Coloma “Pelusa”.

The doll is sold in the workshop itself and from 1959 it can be purchased at the Corte Inglés and Galeries Preciados in Madrid.

It is the first doll with a name of its own, with accessories and very careful care, which soon becomes a coveted and popular object at the same time. Mariquita Perez Spanish Doll

Due to their success some companies offer as loyalty prizes to their customers a copy, such as Nestlé chocolates, which draws 50 dolls in its 1954 supercontest.

The Characteristics

Its general characteristics are: body of composition paste or cardboard-stone painted with nitrocellulose lacquer. Measuring between 44-48 cm, it has its mouth closed with “holes” on either side. Shortly afterwards, his mouth is opened with two teeth. She has “holes” in her elbows and knees, blue glass fixed eyes, natural hair wig and hair lashes. It incorporates a speaker system in the abdomen and a piece of wood around the neck.

It is recognized by the shape of its fingers characteristic of dolls made by Florido. The first copies are sold with a single dress model; of red and white stripes called “my apron” with bows of the same fabric in the hair and sandals without socks.

To the characteristics it is necessary to add the many variants to him that suffer during the following years like:

Walker (1941), Joints with pendulous eyes (1942), movement in the head (1943), Last model in cardboard-stone and oscillating eyes (1950), Stylizes and changes the hairstyle with braids (1952), marks on the back with his name (1953), a model of flocked plastic and natural wig (1965) appears. From 1968 onwards, the image was renewed and made only of plastic.

The Company Marquita Pérez S.A. also registers the names of the children Juanín (1945) and Juanito Pérez (1956).


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