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Ceramic Doll brand Olot

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Ceramic Doll brand Olot


Ceramic Doll brand Olot. Ceramic paste doll. This doll arrived in my hands in perfect condition. The dress is the original representing a regional doll. The eyes are glass and fixed. It measures about 35 cm.


Dolls J. Coll Molí – He made a workshop in Olot (Girona) between the years 1934-1950


Factory of toys, babies, and horses with the brand NOC (Novotats olotines Coll or Nines Olotenes Coll) with partners Joan Macies and Antonio Bandranes between 1934 and 1950.

The manufacture of dolls in Olot is an alternative to religious images during the turbulent and anticlerical 1930s.

The models are created by the sculptors Manel Traité and Esteve Montanyola following the same process and materials used to make the religious images: plaster and paste of cardboard and wood. Ceramic Doll brand Olot

The main feature of the NOC dolls are their fixed round glass eyes and with arched eyebrows and modeled hair. We can find them in white, oriental, and black races. Dolls, dolls and babies are also made in the style of the classic German models Schildkröt, as well as popular actress Shirley Temple.

They are distributed through the Barcelona company La Vídua Anglada. 20% of production goes to the Canary Islands for export. In Barcelona they can be purchased at Capitol, Sepu stores and in toy stores such as the Baby Polyclinic.Ceramic Doll brand Olot


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