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Shop Buy-Sell Bisque Porcelain Dolls

Shop Buy-Sell Bisque Porcelain Dolls

Welcome to my Shop Buy-Sell Bisque Porcelain Dolls

Looking for a Special Doll?

Welcome the world of doll collecting. In my Shop you will find many bisque and antique porcelain dolls.

The bisque is made of the same substance as porcelain, but it is matte. It was the material preferred by French and German doll makers until the 1930s.

It proved to be a very versatile material and in the second half of the 19th century it witnessed a huge variety of designs. Heads evolved from those in which the bust was one-piece to it having a rotating neck. Eyes were initially painted and then were made of glass, later called sleepers or googly (they looked sideways).

Despite their fragility, Bisque Dolls have a high quality of detail and expressiveness.

We have dolls of different origins and brands. Like German dolls including Armand Marseille, Simon & Halbing, Kestner, Heubach, Kämmer & Reinhardt; or French dolls such as S.F.B.J (Société Française de Fabrication de Bébé et Jouets). Spanish origin such as Baby of Badalona and American dolls like Reinhardt, American Character Doll, Grace Store and Putnam. Many others that do not have a brand but are just as beautiful and special.

All dolls are in impeccable condition.

I invite you to enter My Shop Buy-Sell Bisque Porcelain Dolls and you will surely find Your Doll