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Baby Heubach 349/12 bisque Doll

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Baby Heubach 349/12 bisque Doll


Baby Heubach 349/12 bisque Doll (porcelain). baby body with clothing. The hands are celluloid and original. This doll came with a small crack at the nape of the neck. It has been restored, leaving it in perfect impeccable condition. The body is the original and is in good condition. The eyes are fixed and glass. It measures about 29 cm.

The Doll Baby bisque Heubach , marked Heubach 349/12/0 brand is on the nape of the neck.

The word Baby

Until the early 19th century, the word “Baby” was used for all dolls, including those representing older children.

The few dolls that were designed to portray babies did not have facial features or body features, but were simply smaller dolls.

By 1850, some manufacturers in France and Germany had registered Baby or Baby as trade names, but these dolls looked like small children instead of babies.

Armand Marseille’s mid-1920s version was published in Germany as My Dream Baby. The heads were sold to other doll producers, including New York’s Averill Manufacturing Co., which used them for its Lullaby Baby doll line.

Ernst Heubach, the company was founded in 1887. The dolls usually carry the Heubach Köppelsdorf, EH or HK Seal sometimes with a horseshoe. It seems that Gebrüder Heubach used four- or five-digit numbers, but the first dolls are a mystery because the numbering does not follow any logic, sometimes without any symbol, and sometimes in such a hidden place on the body.

The Heubach Biscuit Babies were created by Heubach Köppelsdorf In the Köppelsdorfer Porzellanfabrik factory in 1895, like the Doll Baby bisque Heubach 349/12. For example they made biscuit doll heads, some dolls with perforated nostrils and some dolls with mischievous eyes.

During the life of Ernest Heubach he had a family relationship with Armand Marseille, in different books and directories they are listed as owners of the Köppelsdorfer Porzellanfabrik.


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