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Celluloid Schildkröt Beby 1927 Doll – SOLD-

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Celluloid Schildkröt Beby 1927 Doll – SOLD-


Celluloid Schildkröt Beby 1927 Doll.  It has articulated head, arms and legs. The eyes are original, fixed and glass, vibrant facial coloration, ajar mouth, molded painted hair This doll arrived in my hands in perfect condition only the rubbers have been changed. It measures about 45 cm.


The body and the head have the drawing of a turtle inside a diamond and the mold number 45 and 25. Mark attributed to Schildkröt.

The Schildkröt Brand

Established in Bavaria in 1873 by Friedrich Bensinger, the Reinische Gummi-und Celluloid Fabrik was the major producer of celluloid in Germany.

Schildkrote is the German word for turtle, and the company’s main trademark was a walking turtle encased in a diamond, which was molded on the doll necks and bodies like Celluloid Schildkröt Beby 1927 Doll.

Therfore the mark is raised. In some cases the diamond is omitted, or the turtle is enclosed in a circle, square, oval, triangle, or hexagon. Other manufacturers of celluloid also used the trademark of a turtle therfore to represent durability, however, the raiser turtle-in-a-diamond was exclusive to the Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid -Fabrik.


Beby 1927

The 1927 Beby with a certain slightly melancholic facial expression, unusual for a doll, was manufactured from 1927 until the mid-1930s; It is marked with the turtle inside the rhombus (1st time of the mark).

It was offered in different sizes and designs: with a movable head and body adapted to sit model in 1925 (sometimes marked 25).


The Beby 1927 doll type was available in flesh color with a glossy or matte skin tone. There is also a MiBlu version, with colored patterned hair, with painted eyes or fixed glass eyes, and a half-open mouth and small teeth.

The baby was offered in sizes from 30 to 55 cm.


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