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Cayetana Famosa Doll – SOLD-


Cayetana Famosa Doll – SOLD-


Cayetana Famosa Doll, Doll of the first plastics, it has a plastic body and a celluloid head. On the back it is marked with the letters Famosa. This doll arrived in my hands in perfect condition. The eyes are pendulous and made of plastic. It measures about 45 cm.


Cayetana Doll

Cayetana and Manolín arrive at Famosa from the hand of Diana industries, from Isidoro Rico. Since the 1940s they had been produced with great success, especially the Cayetana, which had already undergone some transformations over the years.

above all, the first Cayetanas, long before they belonged to Famosa, were made of stone and cardboard. Moreover, This doll had been an important rival to the well-known Mariquita Perez since its inception. Likewise, between the 40s and 50s, materials, polystyrene and stone cardboard began to be mixed, to end up with dolls being all made of polystyrene in the 50s. With Famosa and the arrival of plastic, it finally ended up being made of soft unbreakable plastic, Cayetana Famosa Doll.

During this stage, Cayetana, 47 cm tall, was a slim, stylized doll with oscillating eyes, voice, natural hair and a waist joint.

In addition, Some time later they changed the outline of their eyebrows and thus acquired a certain similarity with the expression of Pierina and Guendalina.


FAMOUS DOLLS (Onil Group Dolls Factory, Limited Company)

Subsequently, Ramon Semper Quilis organized, in 1957, a single company that brought together 24 workshops and auxiliary industries of the wrist of Onil, with the name of FAMOSA, in order to cope with the changes in the introduction of plastic that affected the local industry.

Meanwhile, Fruit of the union of different companies saw the light Famous and with her began to manufacture new dolls, but also absorbed many of those that came from the companies which had merged.

Subsequently, This is a rather confusing time, making it difficult to collect each and every one of the dolls that was created in the late 1950s, as virtually no source of information is available.

The images and bibliography of these years are very scarce, if not virtually non-existent, so there are many errors when determining doll names.

In addition, By that time in most cases, neither the nape nor any other part of the body had any mark with the name of the company. Today, to know the name of the dolls is through the boxes that in some cases are preserved.

Between 1957 and 1964 the company registered various patents for the manufacture of wigs, mechanisms for the automatic movement of the eyes, new joints and movements of the bodies of sounds for dolls, including the Guendalina doll Famosa brand.




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