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Spanish Pierina famosa doll

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Spanish Pierina famosa doll


Spanish Pierina Famosa Doll .The body and head are celluloid. This doll arrived in my hands in perfect condition. The tires have been changed. Eyes are original and pendulous and the dress is original. The wig is modern. It measures about 64cm.



FAMOUS DOLLS (Onil Group Dolls Factory, Limited Company)

With the aim of facing the changes that the introduction of plastic affects the local industry, Ramón Semper Quilis organized in 1957 a single company that brings together 24 workshops and auxiliary industries for the Onil’s doll, with the name of FAMOSA.

To begin with, between 1957 and 1964 the company registered different patents for the manufacture of wigs, mechanisms for the automatic movement of the eyes, new joints and movements of the bodiy and sounds of different dolls;

The Pierina

“Pierina, Guendalina’s sweet little sister”

Pierina was born in 1959, just one year after the release of her older sister Guendalina. From the outset, the blowing technique is used in its elaboration. A process that lowers costs and immediately makes it the best-selling doll, surpassing even the successes achieved by its predecessor.

With a height of 65 cm, and a fully articulated body in neck, hands, arms, waist, thighs, legs and feet.

Thanks to new manufacturing techniques and its lower height, it could be presented to the public at a more affordable price than Guendalina and is soon beginning to be successful.

Among its most notable features is the fact that it is always made with the mouth closed.

As with many other dolls, Pierina evolves over the years. Thus, different generations of the same doll can be found.

The First Generation are made of polystyrene, have sleeping and oscillating eyes (flirty system), original earrings, natural hair wig, flexible body and a waist that allows you to wear the funniest models. Many of them wear a necklace imitating white pearls.

The Pierinas of the Second Generation In 1960 they begin to make in polystyrene. We can find different hairstyles like short hair, with the clench on one side; or long hair with fringe.

We can find different colors like brown, blond, red-haired and blond-platinum.

The eyebrows remain very expressive.

Natural hair wigs give way to synthetics and a few years later, to implanted hair.

Her waist is very thin and most of the dresses, fit, which makes her look like a real modern young woman and a lot of her time.


The Second Generation Pierinas are made of mixed materials and generally, their face is made of polystyrene and the rest of the body is made of polyethylene. The wrist is lighter and more manageable, making it not break so easily.

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