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Restoration Repair Ceramic Pottery


The Restoration Repair Ceramic & Pottery.

When restoring a valuable piece of Ceramic the main objective is that the ceramic is perfect and that the damage or breakage it suffered is not detected.

Any piece of Ceramic broken or with any imperfection or damage to its surface, such as cracks, cracks or chips, can certainly be fixed and consequently return it to the original state. At Eulàlia Restauradora We have the knowledge of all kinds of materials such as terracotta, glazed and glazed pottery, earthenware, archaeological pottery. We are specialized in the restoration of all kinds of ceramic pieces or objects

Examples Restauration and Repair Ceramic & Pottery

Restoration of ceramics, terracotta, earthenware, enameled ceramics, archaeological ceramics
Restoration of ceramics, terracotta, earthenware, enameled ceramics, archaeological ceramics

Rustic ceramic jug with cobalt blue accents

Ceramic repair and restoration
Ceramic Carafe with glaze loss

Greek red figure crater

Crater with red figures attributed to Greek pottery. Its name is based on the figurative representations of red on a black background, in contrast to the aforementioned style, of black figures on a red background. This piece had a layer of calcareous concretions that did not reveal its decoration. An extraction has been performed mechanically, leaving the piece as close to the original as a result.

Repair broken tile box

First, the broken pieces have been unified, and a volumetric reconstruction has been carried out to cover cracks and small material losses. To reinforce the painting, a piece of wood has been placed on the reverse side to make it as stable as possible. Finally, the same colors have been pictorially reconstructed, as well as the same brightness.

Reconstruction Ceramic Mexican style

Restoration of a Mexican-style ceramic terracotta
Restoration of a Mexican-style ceramic terracotta

Restoration Ceramic plate decorated with cobalt blue details

The ceramic plate had suffered different broken and old pastes. First, the adhesive has been removed by a chemical process. Unification of the fragments and realization of a volumetric reconstruction hiding the cracks. Finally, the same colors have been sought to carry out the pictorial reconstruction, especially in cobalt blue.

Terracotta Jug Reconstruction

Ceramic repair and restoration
Jarra de cerámica - reconstrucción volumétrica del caño

All the works are meticulously performed in accordance with the experience of more than 12 years in the field of restoration of ceramics and antiques.

The ceramic pieces that enter in our workshop are submitted to a process of repair and restoration with the objective of returning the piece to its original beauty.

If you need to restore or repair a ceramic object or piece, contact me for a personalized estimate. 

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