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Ceramic Repair and Restoration

restaurador de cerámica

When restoring a valuable piece of old ceramic or porcelain, my main objective is that the ceramic becomes perfect and that the damage or breakage it suffered cannot be detected.

Any antique or old ceramic piece with some imperfection or damage on its surface, such as fissures, cracks or chips, will undoubtedly make it lose its value. At Eulàlia Restauradora we specialise in the restoration of ceramic pieces.

Examples of ceramic restoration and repair

Ceramic repair and restoration
Catalan ceramic pharmacy canister
Restauración de jarra de cerámica con pérdidas del esmalte
Ceramic Carafe with glaze loss
Ceramic repair and restoration
Mexican style terracotta container
Ceramic repair and restoration
Ceramic Carafe - Volumetric reconstruction of the whole piece
Restauración de jarra cerámica
Ceramic Carafe - Volumetric Spout Reconstruction

All the works are meticulously performed in accordance with the experience of more than 12 years in the field of restoration of ceramics and antiques.

The ceramic pieces that enter in our workshop are submitted to a process of repair and restoration with the objective of returning the piece to its original beauty.

If you need to restore or repair a ceramic object or piece, contact me for a personalized estimate. 


The restoration or reconstruction of ceramic pieces is a delicate process that consists of several phases or stages.

In order to achieve optimum results and minimise the handling of broken fragments as much as possible, a system of steps must be followed that are justified and in order. Among other information, it is of great importance to know and understand how the fragmentation of the ceramic object took place.

The steps for the repair of the ceramic object include the preparation and selection of fragments, establishing the order of adhesion and finally the application of adhesive in at least two steps.

Old ceramic pieces, which are very valuable for the decoration of certain rooms, may lose their attractiveness due to imperfections or damage to their surface, such as cracks, fissures or spalling. 

Antique ceramic pieces are especially valued by fans of classical decoration and by those who like to combine modern elements with other classics to create contrasts. The problem is that, in many cases, such pieces have imperfections, small marks, breakages, etc., which can damage their appearance in an indiscernible way and make them look much less or even not look good at all.

These small breaks can be repaired by applying a few simple procedures. Sometimes, even the most difficult part is not the repair itself, but the subsequent work that must be done to make the appearance of the repaired part similar to that of the rest of the piece. Here is the step-by-step procedure for restoring vessels and other antique ceramic objects