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Shop Baby Jesus Images

Shop Baby Jesus Images

Welcome to my shop,Buying and Selling Religious Shop Baby Jesus Images

Religious images in some ways invite veneration. Who among us has not been in front of a beautiful image of the Virgin Mary, or of the Infant Jesus or of St. Lucia and has not felt a burning need for veneration?

Our catalog of Religious images is designed to help and facilitate prayer.

Are you looking for a Special Image?

In my Shop you will find many Religious  Baby Jesus Images from different eras from the 30s to the 80s.

In short, The images are mainly made of wood pulp, a material that was a very strong mixture that allowed large pieces to be made. As well as chalk images.

For instance, We have Religious images as Figures of Our Lord Jesus and Baby Jesus of different sizes and times, baby Jesus on the Cross, Holy Sepulcher, Jesus on the Cross.

All the Religious Images are in impeccable condition and with all their details.

Many Religious Images are from the workshops of Olot. Religious imagery in Olot was born in 1880 with the foundation of L’Art Cristià, the first workshop dedicated to the manufacture of saints.

Furthermore, The work in the Sants workshops had and still has an important artistic composition. The result of the image that was commercialized depended mainly on the quality of the model that was reproduced and the polychromy that was given to him.

Moreover, The images are always polychrome and the finish gives them the characteristic touch of the Saints of Olot.

To sum up,I invite you to enter My Store, Buy Old Religious Jesus Baby Images and be sure to find your Figure.