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Baby Jesus crib SOLD

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Baby Jesus crib SOLD


Baby Jesus crib. Piece to be placed in the Bethlehem or to decorate the house for Christmas.

It is made of plaster with beautiful glass eyes.

This piece measures about 26 cm, from head to foot and 17 cm from hand to hand.

The wooden cradle is about 43 cm long, 24 cm high and 26 cm wide. Baby Jesus crib

The Olot Workshops

Firstly, the foundation of the first workshop was in November 1880 creating an industrial society, the objective was the construction, decoration and sale of religious sculptures with the name “El Arte Cristiano. J. Berga y Compañía”

Around 1884, the paste that technically revolutionized the production of the saints began to be used: cardboard-wood made from a mixture of strong glue, plaster, water and burlap. It was invented by Ramon Puigmitjà. This new material made it possible to make the images lighter, more solid, without cracks or being affected by woodworm.

The workshops of saints multiplied. In 1900 “The Sacred Heart” was founded and in 1902 “The Religious Arts”. In the city of Olot, up to 15 workshops and 450 workers were reached before the Civil War. Baby Jesus crib

However, with the arrival of the Franco regime in 1939, the climate of religious exaltation and ecclesial restoration, led to a resurgence of the saints industry, which experienced a period of great economic prosperity until the crisis of 1960, which coincided with the changes imposed Catholic worship by the Second Vatican Council.

After that, Starting in 1960, the crisis was felt again. The changes in rituals imposed by the Second Vatican Council, caused a great decrease in the demand for religious images.

Subsequently, Production decreased and at the same time the number of workshops and operators. To partially solve this crisis, in 1964 DIMOSA (Distribuidora de Imágenes de Olot SA) was founded, with the participation of most industries. The process of commercialization of the saints of Olot was united through this society.


Currently, between the years 1980-1990, during these ten years, workshops have been closed. Only those with more tradition remain. Baby Jesus crib


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