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The enthroned Sacred Heart

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The enthroned Sacred Heart


The enthroned Sacred Heart sitting on the Throne of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Very delicate image showing a beautiful heart on the chest and a golden throne and decoration

The figure is made of plaster and has glass eyes.

It is a sculpture from the 1950s.

Dimensions: 41 cm high.
The base is 18 cm high and 23 cm wide.

The meaning of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Firstly, The Sacred Heart represents the feelings of Jesus Christ. The image of this heart
appears along with other elements: a crown of thorns, a wound and a cross surrounded by
flames. But, what do these components that accompany the Heart of Christ mean?

The Sacred Heart Image shows a Heart surrounded by a crown of thorns, from which blood
comes out on one of its sides and has a cross surrounded by fire. Santa Margarita María de
Alacoque was the first one to see for the first time. The saint had this experience on December
27, 1673 when Margaret was 26 years old, while praying before the Blessed Sacrament.

Likewise, The presence of the wound in the heart comes from the Death of Jesus. Longinus, a
Roman soldier, pierced him with a spear to verify that he was dead.

Furthermore, With the image and devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one can help to
understand His Love for humanity. For this reason, those symbols related to Calvary and the
Cruxification appear through a crown of thorns, the cross surrounded by flames and the
wound in his side. The priest assures us that it is a love that loves, but is wounded by our sins.

When Jesus Christ appeared to Saint Margaret of Alacoque, he presented himself as “This
heart that loves men so much and that only receives (ingratitude).” Therefore, it is a Heart that
shows how Jesus gave himself for men, sacrificing himself to humanity, although many times
he meets ingratitude.

In conclusion, The devotion of the Sacred Heart Image represents "Love on the Cross, a heart
that has given itself, offered up to the world"

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