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Saint Agatha – Sold-

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Saint Agatha – Sold-


Saint Agatha with eyes made of glass. Saint and martyr patron saint of nurses. She is holding a plate with two breasts (an attribute of her martyrdom).

The figure is made of plaster and painted with delicate pastel and golden colours.

Dimensions: 34 cm high.

The base is 10 cm wide and 11 cm high.


Saint Agatha

To clarify, Saint Agatha of Sicily or Agueda (Catania, Sicily, ca. 231-ca. 251) was a young woman, who died in Catania as a martyr during the early days of Christianity. She is revered as a saint throughout Christendom; its feast is on the 5th of February.

little is known about her. The name derives from the Greek (Agathe) meaning ‘good’. sHe was born in Catania, where she died around 251, during the persecution of Christians by Decius. She is one of seven women, outside the Virgin Mary, commemorated by name in the canon of the Catholic Mass.

Firstly, Its written legend comes from one of the oldest documents of the Acta martyrum (acts of the martyrs of the saints), with the usual scenes of interrogations, tortures, resistance to the renunciation of the faith and martyrdom. The oldest of the later reviews preserved dates from the tenth century.

Secondly, According to legend, Agatha had consecrated her virginity to God and rejected the loving proposals of a Roman prefect, Quincian. He, in revenge, persecuted her and condemned her as a Christian. sHe refused to make sacrifices to pagan idols, using philosophical and rational arguments; in the face of this, Quincià had her tortured: the torment consisted in cutting off her two breasts. St. Peter, however, later appeared to her in prison and healed her of her wounds.

After several interrogations and tortures, she was sentenced to death.

To sum up, Considered the patron saint of women, many towns hold parties in her honor. Many are carnivalesque in nature and are characterized by the reversal of social roles between men and women.

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