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Saint Barbara

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Saint Barbara


Saint Barbara, she holds a cup in her hand and a palm leaf in the other.

The figure is made of plaster and painted with delicate pastel and gold colours.

In the part of behind it presents a stamp of the mark Olot (very important mark of religious images in Barcelona).

The Dimensions: 25 cm high

Conditions: The statue of the Virgin is in very good conditions.


Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara (Nicomedia, 3rd century – 306) is a saint and martyr revered throughout Christendom. Possibly it is a legendary saint, the veneration of which spread from the seventh century. She is a very popular saint, associated with some works such as miners and artillerymen, and invoked against lightning and sudden and violent death.


According to the legends about her life, collected mainly in the Golden Legend, Barbara was the daughter of a rich pagan named Dioscorus. He wanted to preserve her from contact with the world and locked her in a tower. Barbara secretly became a Christian and consecrated her virginity to God, so she refused the marriage her father proposed to her. While his father was traveling, he had three windows opened in the tower, as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. When the father found out that she was a Christian, he wanted to kill her, brandishing a sword, but the tower opened and Barbara was miraculously transported to a mountain.

Brought before the prefect of the province, Martinià, she was tortured, but she remained faithful to her faith. Every night, however, her cell lit up and she was healed from the wounds she had suffered in torture. Eventually, she was beheaded by her own father. As punishment, however, lightning struck him as he returned home and his body was reduced to ashes. Barbara was picked up by a Christian, Valentine, and her grave was the site of numerous miracles


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