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Saint Christopher

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Saint Christopher


Saint Christopher with the Child Jesus sitting on his back.  It is a very peculiar image and difficult to find.

The figure is made of plaster and painted with delicate pastel and golden colours. The Saint has glass eyes.

It is a sculpture of the 60’s, it carries the mark of the imagery called Rosés (very important religious image factory of Barcelona)

Dimensions: 28 cm high

The base measures: 10 cm wide by 12 cm long.


Saint Christopher 

To clarify, Saint Christopher’s name meant “bearer of Christ”, so it predicted what he would do in his adult life and indicated that the character may not have a precise historical origin. It could be the same figure as Saint Menas, His famous legend, which is known especially in the West and could have been drawn from ancient Greek mythology (it would be the Christianization of the boat of Charon), tells that he carried a boy, whom he did not know, across a river before that the child revealed to him that he was Christ. In any case, he is the patron saint of travelers, and his effigy is worn on medals, bracelets or in figures for vehicles by Christians.

Saint Christopher met a hermit who instructed him in the Christian faith. Christopher asked himself how he could serve Christ.

The hermit suggested that, because of his size and strength, he could help Christ by helping people cross a dangerous river where people perished in the attempt. The hermit promised that this service would please Christ.

To sum up, When Cristóbal had already performed this service for a time, a little boy asked him to make him cross the river. Meanwhile, During the crossing, the river grew and the boy seemed as heavy as lead, to such an extent that Cristóbal could barely carry him and he encountered great difficulty.

When he finally reached the other side, he said to the boy, “You have put me in the greatest danger. I don’t even think the whole world is as heavy on my shoulders as you have been.”subsequently, the boy replied: “You have not only had on your shoulders the weight of the world, but the man who created it. I am Christ, your king, whom you have served in this office.” Later, the boy fainted.

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