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Saint Joseph SOLD


Saint Joseph SOLD


Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus in his arms. Iconography of the Saint

The figure is made of plaster and with glass eyes.

It is a sculpture from the 40s.

The figure bears the mark of the Olot Workshops. Very important workshops where they made religious images in an artisanal way.

Large piece, measures: 63 cm high.

Conditions: The statue is in very good condition.


Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph according to Christian tradition, was the husband of Mary, who was the mother of Jesus and therefore the putative father of Jesus. Both his life and his family ancestry are described in the New Testament of the Bible.


According to the Gospel of Matthew, he was a craftsman by trade, which already in the first centuries of Christianity became a carpenter, a profession that he would have taught his son, who is also indicated as a “craftsman”. He was of humble condition, although the genealogies present him as belonging to the line of King David.


Joseph constitutes one of the three pillars that make up the model Christian family. Both in its internal aspect (in the relationships between the different members that comprise it) and in its external aspect (the family in society).


It can be said that José was not an adoptive father in the strict sense, since there was no adoption, no legal business equivalent to it. Joseph was the person who, according to Christian tradition, God chose to establish a family for Jesus. And such a family was characterized by only three elements, highlighting that of them, José assumed the paternal role.


Saint Joseph the Child Jesus, a just man, was characterized in his family relationships, for giving Mary the utmost respect and support and for serving as a model to Jesus. It is these notes that constitute the fundamental aspect of the Christian family seen internally. And they lead us to affirm that Joseph is one of the central figures of Christianity, an exceptional man. Saint Joseph

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