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Saint Pancras SOLD


Saint Pancras. Holy protector of work and health. On the front is painted the Latin words “Venite ad me et ego dabo vobis Omnia Bona” which means “I will make all good things come.”

The figure is made of plaster, the golden details .

Dimensions: 35 cm high.

Conditions: The statue is in very good condition.


Saint Pancras

To sum up, St. Pancras (revered as a saint by the Catholic Church) was a Roman citizen converted to Christianity and, not wanting to give up, was martyred in Rome. He is revered as a saint throughout Christendom.

Born at the end of the year 289, in Sinnada (Phrygia), his parents who were rich, were of Roman origin. Cyriadus, his mother, died in childbirth and Cleoni, his father, died when he was eight years old. He was taken care of by his uncle Dionisi, who took him to Rome. living in the patrician village of Mont Cel·li, There they converted to Christianity and were baptized.


Most importantly, During the persecution of Diocletian, Pancras was called to offer sacrifices to the Roman gods and, refusing to do so, was judged by the emperor himself, who seeing that the young man did not yield and continued to refuse to sacrifice for the gods, condemned him to be beheaded.

Martyrdom of the Saint

Executed near the temple of Janus, in the Via Aurelia, his body was collected by the matron Octavila, who buried him in the catacombs. On the site of the martyrdom is an ancient inscription that reads: “Hic decollatus fuit Sanctus Pancratius” (Here St. Pancras was beheaded).

To clarify, Revered as a martyr since ancient times, his feast is celebrated on May 12th.

In addition, He is a saint invoked by those who need money, work or a change of fortune. Many shops and stores display an image of the saint, on which a bouquet of parsley is placed to provide luck.

Saint Pancras is considered in various European cultures as one of the ice saints along with Saint Mamert and Saint Servaci In these days of May (or the end of May according to the Julian calendar) you can expect a few colder days.

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