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Lady of Mount Carmel


Lady of Mount Carmel


Lady of Mount Carmel or the Mother of God of Mount Carmel with the baby Jesus in her arms with eyes glass. She wears a scapular.

The figure is made of plaster and painted with delicate pastel and gold colours.

Dimensions: 43 cm high

Conditions: The statue of the Virgin is in very good condition.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

To clarify, The Virgin of Carmen is one of the various invocations of the Virgin. Its name comes from Mount Carmel, in Israel, a name derived from the word Karmel or Al-Karem and could be translated as ‘garden’. There are active Carmelite religious orders around the world today, male and female, which revolve around this Marian figure. She is the patron saint of the sea, of fishermen

This invocation gives its name to all the people called Carme or Carmel, who celebrate their onomastics on the feast day of this Virgin, July 16th.

Carmelite devotion

in short, The origin of the cult of the Virgin of Carmen is in the foundation of the Order of Carmen with its first monastery on Mount Carmel in 1154, dedicated to the Virgin, but the link of Mount Carmel with the Virgin Mary goes back to some visions of the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament, which occurred in this place, and which Christians have seen as a symbol of Mary. Likewise, Devotion increased with two apparitions of the Virgin, one to St. Simon Stock in 1251 and another to Jacques Duèze, the future Pope John XXII.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the patron saint of many towns on the Mediterranean coast. Festivities are held annually, often with sea processions. In these, there are boats of all kinds that line up behind the main boat. This carries the image of the Virgen del Carmen, or “Stella Maris”. At one point in the procession, all the boats repeatedly sound the sirens in homage to the Virgin.

Subsequently, In most of the sea processions a floral offering is made, throwing bouquets into the water, in memory of all those who met their death at sea. Back in port, the image of the Virgin is carried in front of a procession. The bearers sing the Marine Salve when the image is returned to their altar of the church.

Before the patronage was shared with the Virgen del Carmen, Saint Elm was the patron saint of seafarers.

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