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Restoration Antique Crystal and Glass

Crystal and glass restoration

The Restoration of Glass and Crystal can vary depending on the pathology or damage that the object may present. From a simple cleaning or the adhesion of broken fragments, to the reintegration or reconstruction of new material for losses of original material.

The materials used in the restoration of glass objects must comply with stability requirements in order not to compromise the original piece. They must also meet optical requirements because most glass pieces are translucent (i.e. can see through the material). This means that the materials used in the repair of the object must also be translucent.

Examples Restoration Glass and Crystal

Restoration Swarowski crystal

Restoration of Swarowski crystal
Restoration and Reconstruction of a detached Swarowski crystal Lotus flower. The different pieces have been unified, returning it to the original state.

Repair and Restoration of a Murano glass goblet

Restoration of a Murano glass cup​
Initial state - This piece has the entire upper part broken and with loss of material.
Restoration of a Murano glass cup​
Final state - Restoration and volumetric reintegration of the missing as the gluing of the pieces and the reconstruction of the losses looking for the same transparency.

Reconstruction and Restoration of an ocher-colored opaline vase

Restoration of an ochre-coloured opaline vase​
Initial Condition - This piece has a broken in the upper part, broken and with loss of material, especially in the places that it fell.
Restoration of an ocher-colored opaline vase
Restoration of an ocher-colored opaline vase

Restoration of a Roman archaeological glass container

Initial state – It had some concretion and some flaking of the glass.

Final state – Reunification of all the fragments and in the gaps or loss of pieces a reconstruction of resin has been carried out, pigmenting it of the original color to unify the piece.

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