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Restoration Repair Antique Dolls

Papier-Maché Doll

Dolls are for playing, displaying, and collecting, but even with the utmost care they can be damaged. Restoration and Repair of antique, vintage and collectible dolls is our expertise.
Our Goal is to Repair your wrist and restore it to its original splendor. We have the experience, knowledge and delicate hands that are required to repair them.

We are a comprehensive care center that specializes in a wide range of doll repairs of all kinds, from antique to modern.

Dolls of different materials such as porcelain, biscuit, composition, wood, stone cardboard are arranged. Celluloid.

We provide a variety of services, from basic cleaning and stringing, to extensive reconstruction and restoration of porcelain and composition dolls. and recovery

Examples of Restoration and Repair of antique dolls

Repair bisque antique doll and wooden composition body

Doll marked with an Anchor. The head had an old restoration and the composition body made of wood had areas that were missing due to woodworm.

 Doll has been restored trying to rediscover the original splendor. The bisque head has been removed from the old restoration that presented and reconstructed the missing pieces as desired in the same colors. A glass eyes have been fixed because the originals have been lost. Compositional body made in part of wood had suffered woodworm and loss of matter. The missing areas have been reconstructed, removing the paint that had been applied over the body leaving the original color. Tires are new.

Restoration and Arrangement of a celluloid doll Bebe Chachi

Celluloid doll of the ICSA brand (Ibéric-Comercial S.A), called Baby Chachi. His arms are unmounted and his eyes are droopy. The whole piece is very dirty and shows some breakage, especially in the material’s joints. Recovery work has consisted of cleaning the celluloid and repairing the cracks. The eyes have been placed

Reconstruction and Restoration antique ceramic doll

Ceramic doll had a considerable break in the entire head. Broken pieces have been unified and a volumetric reconstruction has been performed, hiding cracks and small losses. Pictorial reconstruction looking for the same colors and brightness

Restoration of a bisque doll from the Ancora brand

Bisque doll marked with an anchor and an L and C at the nape of the neck. The head was broken and the glass eyes were down. Papier-mache body had a loss of the fingers.

 Doll, called bisque, has been restored and the missing areas rebuilt, just like finger making. The eyes have been fixed since the pendulum system was broken. It did not have a wig and we have placed a mohair that is very beautiful in this type of doll.

Repair and Restoration Antique Papier-Maché doll Mariquita Pérez

Papier-mâché doll which presented a certain loss in the fingers and chipping; drooping glass eyes. The missing areas and the placement of the eyes of movable have been reintegrated to the wrist.

Restoration Celluloid brand ICSA

Restoration of a celluloid doll of the ICSA brand, with the celluloid body was separated and a few breaks in the leg. The volumetric reconstruction of the missing area has been done; pictorial reconstruction looking for the original color and texture.

Restoration and Reconstruction of twin bisque dolls

A pair of biscuit twins had head losses and ruptures. A volumetric reconstruction of the missing areas has been performed.

My experience includes the repair and restoration of old and modern dolls, including biscuit dolls, composition, plastic, vinyl, wood and paper mache. Our services include eye repair, tooth replacement, wig styling or renovation, cleaning or replacement parts. We have a huge inventory of doll parts, if the original doll part is missing or so damaged that it cannot be repaired. Contact me and ask for a free quote.

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