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Sculpture Restoration

Restoration and reconstruction of a plaster sculpture of a girl

Restoration of Sculptures and Carvings: Specialists in typical materials of formats, plaster sculpture, plaster, stone, resin. Wood or metal sculpture such as: bronze,  calamine, iron. Polychrome sculptures or with golden bread, imagine religiosis.

The main goal of the Conservation and Restoration of Sculptures is the perfect intention. So as a result the waste or breakage he suffered is not noticed.

Probably the most common damage to sculptures is cracks, breaks or loss of fragments. So that any broken piece can be restored trying that the piece has with a resulting result the same aspect that the original state.

At Eulàlia Restauradora, specialties in the restoration and conservation of crops and material sizes are considered.

Examples of restoration and repair of sculptures

Restoration of a sculpture of a girl

Initial Status – Restoration of a sculpture of a girl with a flower in her hands. The sculpture is made of plaster. Due to a fall, his head broke.

Initial State – Restoration of a modernist style sculpture. It is a piece of plaster with an imitation iron patina. Due to the passage of time the figure had cracks in the ankles as it is the weakest area and some material loss in the piece.

Restoration of a modernist-style sculpture

Restoration of a modernist-style sculpture. It is a plaster piece with an imitation iron patina. The sculpture had some cracks in the ankles because it is the weakest zone and some grimaces in the piece.

Final State – The work consisted primarily of consolidating the broken parts so that the limbs were fixed with an internal structural system. Second, it has been rebuilt volumetrically to reintegrate material loss gaps. Finally, the chromatic reintegration has been carried out, especially to return the original color.

Restoration of a female metal sculpture

Recovery of a female metal sculpture. The figure featured a layer of green paint mimicking the bronze color. As a result, the restoration involved the removal of the cleaning and the removal of repainting from the green paint. As a result, the original color of the female figure has been found.

All work is carried out meticulously and in accordance with the experience of more than 12 years in the catering sector.

The pieces that enter the workshop undergo a process of repair and restoration with the aim of returning the piece to its original beauty.

If you need to restore or repair a sculpture, please contact me for a personalized estimate. 

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